Back in Business

Dear friends,

Cowboy Capitalism is back! It’s been almost 3 years since yours truly, TSK, made his last post on this blog. It’s surprising that it’s been that long, time has passed too quickly. It was pretty amusing to read my previous posts, I’ve obviously changed a lot since then. So has everybody.

Accordingly, this blog is going to be very different to the original:

  • Subject matter will be loosely focused on life issues we can all relate to – personal development, careers, dating etc.
  • There will be a few series of fun posts for your entertainment, plans for the moment include Going Clean Shaven, the real-life story of a nerd who became badass with the help of a team of amateur life coaches
  • TSK will not be the sole blogger, this will be a group blog with other like-minded cowboys



Teamwork. No sexual innuendo intended.